Thursday, February 2, 2012

Light and Delicious Super Bowl Food Ideas

I love Super Bowl parties for the food and commercials. Oh yeah, and the football. You can't have a Super Bowl party without amazing food to snack on all evening! Most Super Bowl foods consist of hearty and fatty appetizers, chili, chips and dip, etc. You can still have those foods without gaining a pound - just make them lighter! Here are a few ideas:

(1) Chili. Chili can actually be a very nutritious meal when prepared with healthier methods.
-Choose lean beef and rinse off the fat after cooking it.
-Rinse off all the beans in a strainer before adding to the chili to rid the sodium (canned foods are usually packed with sodium).
-Add in a lot of veggies such as peppers, tomatoes, etc.
-Use natural spices to enhance the flavor instead of so much salt.
-Use only small amounts of low-fat cheese and sour cream for the topping to cut some calories. Chili is a fabulous source of fiber and protein! Click here for a chili recipe with only 235 calories per serving!

(2) Chips and Dip. Who doesn't love chips and dip? Instead of buying store-bought dip, make your own so that YOU control the ingredients! Most store bought dips are high in sodium, fat, and calories. Salsa is a great low-cal dip that is easy to make and a tasty way to incorporate some veggies! This Avocado-Corn Salsa recipe looks amazing!  For other dips, such as spinach dip, just choose lighter ingredients like low fat cream cheese, yogurt, and cottage cheese instead of sour cream and mayo. Click here for a recipe. Also, use baked pita chips instead of regular tortilla chips!

(3) Fruits and veggies.They are always the perfect appetizer. Use low-fat strawberry yogurt for fruit dip, and hummus or greek yogurt-based dip for veggies. 

For other recipes, click here.

Have a fabulous Super Bowl Party!

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  1. I love a good chili... the one I make has 330 calories but I definitely make sure to rinse my canned beans and use lean ground beef. Great tips! :)